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Solar Aviation Lighting :


365DESIGN Is channel partner of Carmanah (Canada based Company) to offer Solar Aviation lighting in India region and exclusive projects of 365DESIGN in global network. Carmanah Aviation is the source for cost- efficient, scalable, and flexible solar airfield lighting solutions. Our durable airfield systems install within hours for maintenance-free operations without grid power, buried cable or airfield electrical vaults. With rugged, wire-free designs and sophisticated solar energy management systems, Carmanah products are ideally suited for use at locations around the globe.


Our solar lighting solutions are designed to meet ICAO and FAA photometric standards and have third party validation of their compliance.  Photometrics, intensities, and chromaticities are all per industry and regulatory standard, ensuring safe and consistent environments for aviators.

As per new DGCA standards in India - 

DGGA civil aviation requirements for ships with heli-deck operating in Indian oil fields to have night landing facilities, i.e. HAPI / GPI ( Helicopter approach path indicator / Ground path indicator ).

we do supply helipad lighting, status light, HAPI / GPI ( helicopter approach path indicator / ground path indicator) for oil rig helidecks and ship helidecks- we undertake installation and service also in India and International.

Applications in Aviation Industry:

Helipad - Ground / Rooftop / floating helipad / Portable helipad

Commercial / General Aviation Airports

Defence : Militray or Airforce aviation fields/ Military remote location helipads / Rapid deployment for emergency case- SAR 

Wind Energy sector

Oil n Gas sector- On shore heli base operations or exploration team at remote locations.

 Product Brochure- Click Here 

A704VL (NEW MODEL-2015) - Product brochure- Click here


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