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Heli business: 
Business jet: 
  • Business jet consulting
  • Business jet parking facility hangars
  • Business jet - Interior consulting

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Green application Products: 

Aviation and Airfield Products:
  • Solar Aviation Lighting - Runway or Helipad
  • Heliport facility - Hangars
  • Temporary Hangars
  • Pefabricated Permanent Hangars
  • VIP first class Hangars for Business Jets
  • Heli Tow cart for helicopters
  • Tow cart for Aircrafts / Defence Jets
  • Aircraft  / Helicopter Docking platform
  • Rapid Erection shelters for Aircrafts
  • Ramp for ATR Aircraft model
Aviation Design Consulting:
portable helipad

Manufacturing Capabilities using Prefabricated Technology :

  • Prefabricated Building Structures
  • Prefabricated fabric hangars and modular hangar systems
  • Prefabricated Air traffic control towers

Offshore Helideck Products :

  • Helideck Platform Grip layer
  • WEATHERPAK system
  • Fly n Land Information system
  • Portable Fire fighting system
  • Solar oil rig helideck perimeter lighting
  • Helicopter approach path indicator (HAPI) for oil rig helideck
  • Stabilized Glide Slope indicator
  • Helideck Safety Net

portable heliapd
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