Portable Heliport:

A patented, proven and potential engineering solution for landing helicopters under toughest conditions and the portable solution to ensure safe helicopter operations in isolated and mountains terrain.

A helicopter has to have a landing site. There are many options in finding or constructing such a location, but these are not always the most beneficial to the tactical and logistical situation. The concept of the 365DESIGN portable helipad is that of a tool that has the versatility to provide quick, safe and efficient landing sites in swamps, high brush, steep slopes, rivers, etc., under the toughest conditions. The full potential of the helicopter can be realised with the Portable Heliport. Landing sites, portable helipad can be replaced to meet tactical and logistical requirements rather than for the convenience of the helicopter. As requirements change, the Heliport can be expanded or decreased in size or quickly relocated.

The Portable Heliport brings new dimensions to the economy, efficiency and safety to stem the rising numbers of ground-related accidents while offering the pilot and ground crew operators new options to better support the helicopter and logistical operations.

A portable helipad is a fast deployment helipad for defense and private operations. It can be used in dry land, desert region, wetlands, lakes or river beds, mountains 

Materials used: 6082-T6 Aluminum Alloy, Stainless steel 316 grade, Carbon Fibre

Applications :

Defense Industry, Oil n Gas Industry, Weather stations, Remote construction sites, Wind Energy Industry, High Mountain operations for telecom or electrical towers, Fast deployment in Defense, Border security forces, Search and Rescue operations, National Disaster Response Forces of any country, Flood rescue operations.

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Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport

Technical Details

Portable heliports are 100% proven and all safety risk assessment has been considered. The modular system installation of portable heliports includes telescopic legs which are adjustable on any terrain. The portable heliports are available in various developed sizes as per helicopter and operations: various custom sizes are also possible. A static load of portable heliport is 3 times the rating of the heliport. 

  • 8’ x 12’ feet deck, for helicopters of 6,000 lbs. or less max.gross weight. (Portable Heliport weighs- 700lbs)
  • 12’ x 13’ feet deck for helicopters of 6,000 lbs. or less max.gross weight. Suitable for Chetak, Cheetah and Lancer as well as Eurocopter, Bell, Robinson Helicopters, Advance light helicopters etc.(Portable Heliport weighs- 1200lbs)
  • 12’ x 18’ feet deck for helicopters of 12,000 lbs. or less max.gross weight. Suitable for all HAL Dhruv variants with skid landing gear, Advance light helicopters, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, AgustaWestland etc. (Portable Heliport weighs- 1800lbs)
  • 15' x 15' feet deck for helicopters which area wheel based suitable to land on this model.
  • Custom Sizes- 50' feet x 50' feet deck area for Wheelbase helicopters (Sikorsky, Airbus & Russian helicopters, attack helicopters like Black hawk, Cougar, Apache, NH-90, S-92, AW189, AW139, H175, H225 etc.)- Max. gross weight of helicopter can be equivalent to 13 tonnes or less than 13 tonnes. ( 50 feet x 50 feet or 60 feet x 60 feet)
Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport

Portable Helipad Features:

Stable Slingload:
Due to deck material and structure design allows air to flow through in flight, resulting in excellent stability and no tendency to hunt and plane. Can be carried at speeds up to 60 knots.

Portable Helipad & Heliport

Telescoping Legs:
Customised telescopic legs designed especially for the portable helipad, we have the manual mode or auto mode for auto levelling of the portable helipad in any terrain.

Slope – Irregular Terrain Capable:
The telescoping legs allow quick adaptability to the irregular ground or slope ranging from flat, smooth surface to hillsides of 30° slope. The broad footpads spread loads so that the platform has no tendency to sink in soft or mud conditions such as marsh or stream bed sites.

Portable helipad can be used in desert regions also the portable helipad will avoid brownout or sand cloud.

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