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Helideck / Helipad / Heliports Inspection / Auditing and compliance assesment:


Helidecks are a critical part of any aviation-supported offshore operation. That is why ensuring the safety of helipad/ helidecks / heliports and personnel is vital. Our helipad / helideck / heliport inspection and certification services enable you to reduce the risk of ship-to-shore personnel movements. We can help you verify that your facilities meet regulatory standards, such as CAP 437, CAAP 92-4(0), ICAO Annex 14 Vol II and national regulations. We can also provide certification to demonstrate your compliance and a commitment to safety.

Our services can help you:

  • Reduce risk, improve safety and build confidence in the reliability of your operations
  • Comply with national and international regulatory and custom requirements
  • Verify the competence and training of helideck crews
  • Confirm the effectiveness of communication procedures and the interpretation of environmental data

Our helideck / helipad / Heliport inspection services also include:

  • Assessment of helideck and surrounding environment
  • Fire-fighting and rescue equipment
  • Training Helicopter Landing Officers (HLOs) and writing HLO manuals
  • Inspection of maintenance facility and refuelling procedures
  • Emergency response plans
  • Heliport operations
  • Heliport Terminal facilities
  • Heliport / Helideck equipments assesment report
  • Prepare supporting drawings and do compliance assesment

To discuss your inspection requirements, contact us today.


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