Ship Helideck / offshore Helidecks / Helo decks:

365DESIGN offers offshore helideck design and build services - globally. We have different models using different materials as per client budget to execute the offshore helidecks or ship helidecks and do customization of ship foldable helideck model.

offshore helideck, which we offer is very much cost effective and easy solution for operators who want to establish landing zone on existing ships or oil rigs or offshore structure.

We design and build offshore helidecks as per Aviation standards- ICAO & CAP437 standards and as per client budget, we can design the helideck related equipment integration.

Offshore helideck / ship helideck package:

1. Ship Helideck or offshore helideck- design services including class approvals

2. Build and fabrication of offshore helideck or ship helideck at nearest port using our prefabricated system and do the installation.

3. Equipment- Helideck lighting- perimeter lighting, flood lights, status light, helicopter approach path indicator with stabilized platform (stabilized glide slope indicator) and C&H lighting(CH-LITE)

Fire fighting system: DIFF system or Monitor system

Helideck Landing net as per CAP437 standards

Helideck safety net- standard fixed model or safety net hydraulic system

4. Heligrid for offshore helidecks or ship helideck or helo decks

5. Additional equipment like Non-Directional Beacon system, Helideck monitoring system etc can also be supplied and integrated.

6. Heat trace system for helideck,  walkway landing system, stairs and fire fighting system

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