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Heliport Construction and consulting :


The design of heliports minaly depends on functional optimisation of operations carried out there, meaning that location is a key factor to take in to consideration for key planning of constrction of heliport. In terms of location of heliports, the following types of heliports in Aviation Sector showcased below and related Infrastructure with Equipments. We supply, construct and do the consulting for below sectors, even we do consulting for turnkey solutions. we are the only company in world wide give solutions in helipad or heliport consulting with safety solutions in very wide network for any locations for helicopter landings. our priority is safe landings and safety in infrastructure, we provide additonal services like Hangars and Helipad Equipments also. We undertake upgradation projects for heliports. We work in worldwide network to execute heliport projectswith our expertise team in Aviation field.



Ground helipad / Hospital helipad or heliport

Race Circuit- Heliports

Hotel / Resorts-Heliports

Defence Industry- Heliports

Ports- Heliports

Mountains and Terrrain region- Heliports

Ground and Medical helipad or heliport
Race circuit heliport
Hotel heliports
defence ground heliports
Ports heliports
Mountain Heliports


Rooftop helipads can be constructed by RCC or Elevated aluminium structure, so most of rooftop helipads executed will be RCC or Elevated Aluminum / steel Structure rooftop helipad. Rooftop helipad becomes a mandatory for high rise buildings in many countries and for Commerical Use on office towers.

Rooftop helipad can be executed on new buildings or existing buildings. 365DESIGN brings new innovative solutions for rooftop helipad to be executed. 365DESIGN has delivered complex structures and designed to accomdate rooftop helipad for existing buildings without taking any support from existing building and 365DESIGN delivered unqiue helipad structures as per principal architect design outlook. 365DESIGN gives  helipad consulting - RCC Helipad or Aluminum Elevated Helipad

Rooftop helipad for Hospitals

Rooftop RCC helipad for High rise buildings to follow satutory norms

Rooftop helipad for hotel 

Rooftop RCC helipad for High rise buildings to follow satutory norms

Helideck for Ships

Helideck for offshore structures

Helideck for ships
offshore helideck


Onshore Heliport Facility :

Onshore heliport facility consulting we provide for Oil n Gas operations or SAR or Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, we do extreme planning and designing for heliport facility to run safe operations with all facilities included in proposed heliport facility liek staff staying quaters, dinning area etc. We provide Turnkey solutions taking over all project and executing within deadlines as per client expectation. We take up projects any where in worldwide. Our team is well experience to execute in any harsh environment.

helipad consulting even for floating helipad structure in lakes, rivers and sea

Helicopter Emergency Medical Consulting :

We provide consulting and solution to service provders of helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) operators. We do planning , give detail feasibiity study on helipad locations for operations for patient picking up and droping at hospital zones. We selecte primary & secondray sites which is suitable for round the clock for safe operations and design and execute teritary helipad locations at hospitals. Our solutions and consulting is proven in many projects and we have saved lot of money w.r.t to operations ofHEMS. We also provided requested consulting on running HEMS operations needful consulting on helicopter equipments and operation softwares etc., We provided 24 x 7 landing equipments at helipad for low cost which comply with ICAO and local country norms.

Defence and Search & Rescue heliport solutions :

We provide consulting for Defence / Search & rescue operations heliport facility for operators- government or private in remote locations with all facilities included in proposed heliport facility like AIrcraft / helicopter parking hangars, maintenance or overhauling soluton in hangars, Groud power units (GPU), Fuel bowers,  Airfield lighting / helipad lighting, Control tower, Control tower communication equipments, Security equipments, Staff staying quaters, Jet fuel storage equipment, weather station equipment,  rapid erection shelters, rapid erection shelters for medical etc.


We supply helipad equipments or airfield equipments - globally, as we have chain of network project offices to handle any project in worldwide to clientele 24x7, 365days support 

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