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Helipad consulting :


1. Elevated rooftop helipad and heliport

2. Offshore helideck platforms

3. Floating helipad structures in rivers, lakes &  at sea ports.

4. Ground helipad

5. Portable helipad / heliport.

6. Floating helipad yacht, custom design mainly used for oil rigs & coast guard.

7. Helipad for offshore wind farms , Wind turbine- helipad on top of nacelle

8. Heliport facility consulting

9. Helicopter operations- solutions and feasibility studies

10. Conversion of RCC helipad to Elevated Rooftop Helipad structure.

11. Upgrade of helipad or repair works of helipad or O&M works

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Helipad Consulting

Technical & Design features:

  • National & International Guidelines are implemented throughout the process of heliports planning.
  • Our systems are prefab fit of aluminum platform and steel construction (pillars, steel grid, wind bracings, trussed beams etc), Aluminum structure for offshore Helidecks.
  • Water base Deck integrated fire fighting system (DIFFS), which is safer and more efficient in suppression & Unaffected by wind. Approved by UKCAA.
  • Designs for floating Helideck Boats at port side, offshore oil rigs & for Defense Industry- coast guard.Designed by maritime expert consultants as per client requirements for safety operations.
  • 100% safety design in helipads and solutions.
  • We give permanent solutions to your helipads and we can give solutions to your problems in heli operations in dessert regions or terrain regions or remote locations.
  • We do custom Aluminum Helipad building
Helipad consulting
Helipad consulting
Helipad Consulting
Helipad consulting
Rooftop helipad
Helipad consulting


The portable solution ensures safe helicopter operations in isolated and mountains terrain. It is a strong, safe, reusable helicopter landing platform for unprepared areas, and terrain regions.

Portable helipad can be used on many missions and in all kinds of industry. this is best product for temporary helipad for new operations in Terrain regions for remote landings and refulleing of helicopter for operations, which will save 60% cost in your opertaions. which is measured in reality with our existing clients.

Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport
Portable Helipad & Heliport

Heliport Facility consulting:

We do heliport facility planning , designing and execution of projects. We use advance materials and advance technology for executing the heliport facility with 100% safety operations and we give best high quality with economical cost of project.

We handle operations any part of the world, we have well connected network in any country and our construction management team is best in every country who supports in construction as per our design and 365DESIGN team will be doing project mangement with local construction team and manage to deliver high quality in construction with 100% safety. we use advance methods in construction program.

We have well experienced and we have done lot of reasearch in heliport facility consulting and we give error free and safe designing of heliport facility and best features in your projects to make your business growth and be more safe in operations, we even provide manpower managment to handle your day to day heliport operations safely. .

We can provide feaibility studies of heliport facility locations, feasibility on design features and designing of heliport facility as per your requirments. We take Turnkey Design and Build and getting all permits and third party auditing also.

Heliport facility consulting

Rescue and Fire Fighting Provisions :

  • The best way to meet  ICAO & UKCAA & CAP437 standards, these requirements and to afford the maximum fire protection for helicopter crew, passengers, building occupants and third parties adjacent to the building is to install a DIFFS system to the helipad. The helipad itself should be of the Enhanced Safety type, which contains a built-in, automatic fire suppression system.

Practical Considerations:

365DESIGN recommends consideration of the following practical issues when planning your elevated helipad

  • Size of the helipad (discussed above) and connected with which type of helicopter you intend to operate
  • Loading considerations- more critical for existing buildings than new structures, can the roof columns take the dynamic and static loads from the helicopter
  • Structural considerations- how will the helipad be supported? A trussed support frame may be best as this can allow reaction loads to go directly into the building columns rather than the roof
  • Turbulence and placement of helipad- this is a complex topic and cannot be discussed at length here. “Preferably, the helipad should be elevated such there is a clear space of at least 6ft (2m) in height between the pad and the supporting roof. This will prevent additional turbulent flow from being generated and allow more streamline flow over the helipad” (“Evaluating wind flow around buildings on heliport placement”- Federal Aviation Administration, USA, DOT/FAA/PM-84/25)
  • Maintenance – design for minimal maintenance. This is especially critical when the helipad is cantilevered out of the building top. Again, an aluminium helipad requires virtually no maintenance.
  • We follow strictly FAA, ICAO, UKCAA, CAP437, DGCA standards for India andother national standards as per location of site for helipad consulting and heliport facility consulting.
  • Our safety standards not only in construction and but also safety in design process to make operations with 100% safety.

International Support for Helipad Consulting:

365DESIGN is well connected with worldwide network of consultants who does the survey of helipad feasibility, so 365DESIGN can give all the services related to helipad consulting under one roof and gives the best quality services and helipad for your projects.

We have our associated companies and channel partner offices in Globally to support for international projects. Our International team is available to deploy on project basis to international site locations.


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