365DESIGN offers heligrid for helicopter landing deck, helicopters can landing on heligrid using harpoon traction.

The purpose of the landing grid is to secure a helicopter to the deck of vessel using
harpoon or deck lock. During landing the helicopter connects a harpoon into grid and pulls itself to the deck. In rough seas the helicopter remains stable and fixed to deck.

Delivery condition
* grid plate of high tensile stainless steel and according NATO requirements
* Substructure for support grid plate included all attachment parts
* Interface information for mounting substructure on ship deck
* Cover plates (optional, various opportunities)
* Included head assembly drawing, calculations, manual

* Design of the landing grid in accordance with STANAG 1276
* NATO standard grid plate

* Compatible with harpoon, deck lock systems. The landing grid is designed 

Default heligrid Dia will be 2750mm and it can be customised size above 2750mm dia and maximum take off load (MTOW) - 3 tonnes, 10 tonnes, 11 tonnes and above 11 tonnes also.

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Image description
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